Prompt #9

There are obviously many ways that libraries can market their fiction collection, but some ways may be more effective than others. I think one display technique could have an effect on circulation and would also be fun for patrons to look at. These different charts that separate books by theme, time period, etc. being displayed around library could be a fun tactic. There are also charts that ask you questions and will eventually lead you to a book recommendation.I see these on pinterest quite often and I can not help but follow the questions and see what book I end up with. (examples below)

Historically Speaking: A ton of books that look good but never heard about:

Another technique that has proven to be effective is having a section on the shelves dedicated to Staff Picks. Everyone on staff picks a fiction novel that they would recommend and puts it on the shelf above their name tag. Once their book is checked out they will pick another recommendation and put it on the shelf. I seem to notice that patrons take the time to look at these recommendations and quite often check them out. This also makes a fun little competition among staff to see who can have the most of their picks checked out.

Another technique that I feel like some libraries are not using much to market fiction or their collection in general is social media. If there is a popular book that has come out or one that a librarian thinks patrons would enjoy, it should be marketed online. The library or librarians having blogs and posting annotations or recommendations like we have been doing all semester would probably prove to be effective.


2 thoughts on “Prompt #9

  1. It’s great you mentioned the “If you like this, read this” graphics–I always enjoy looking at those! I think they’re especially useful for finding some readalikes for popular works. I agree about the staff picks, when my branch put up a Staff Picks display last year, the books were continuously being checked out. Patrons like to know what their librarians are reading.


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