Book Club Experience

I have been running my own morning book club out of the library I work at for about 7 months now and it has been an interesting experience to say the least. We meet at 10:15AM every first Wednesday of the month. Since I have taken over the club we have about 8-10 people show up for every meeting. We receive the books we are reading from Indiana Humanities and I usually make sure the book we are reading has at least a dozen copies otherwise I have to find copies elsewhere.

There is another lady that I share “leader” duties with as we usually come up with questions about the book the ask the other participants. For the most part the meetings are very informal. It is more of a relaxing atmosphere than anything. Many times people will come to the meetings after reading only half the book. Usually because they did not like it or they just did not have time. When this occurs, I am totally fine with it. I really feel like the more the more people the better. Many times our conversations will drift away from the story but towards different themes that stem from the book, therefore it is not totally necessary to read the whole book before the meeting. Me and the other lady that run the club usually will take turns asking coming up with questions to ask the others. She will do one month and I will do the next. Some of the other participants will come with questions as well. We “the leaders” will usually let the others answer the questions and we may respond or move on to the next question. Many of the questions that we ask are open ended. For example,” How did you feel about that event occuring?” would be something that would be asked.

The majority of the attendees will participate. We have had some new members come lately so they will understandably be somewhat quiet, but for the most part many of the ladies like to get in their opinion.:) We have had one lady that comes in from time to time and she will talk for 10 minutes straight so I sometimes have to cut in and ask another question or divert her in some form.

Our meetings are held in a conference room that seats 12 people around a table.As i stated before the atmosphere is laid back. The community that our library is in is a small rural town so many of the participants in book club know each other. So there is a lot of humor going on and much of it is directed towards me considering I am the youngest in the group…by FAR. We also serve coffee, cappuccino and in some cases doughnuts.

Since i have taken over the club I try my best to find books that appeal to everyone. Lately i have been sticking to  historical fiction and mystery because i know they enjoy those genres. I usually ask the members what authors they like or what titles they have enjoyed lately in order to make good selections.

Overall, the whole book club experience has been great. I enjoy choosing novels and even enjoy it more when my members like the books and we have good conversations  during the meetings. If you have any recommendations, send them my way!

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Book Club Experience

  1. In the group that I attended the leader only asked an open-ended question. The group is not doing so well. There was one patron at the meeting besides me. I think I am going to try to help because the assistant director and I have done some other programs together. I think that they may want to hold this meeting on a day other than Monday, offer some food or snacks like you discussed and reconsider some of the book selections.

    Hopefully, they are able to save the book club. She is considering ending the book club. That would be sad 😦



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