Reading Profile

I have been reading for fun for a long time. Now that I work in a library reading just has become a part of my daily life. 🙂  When I am not taking classes I usually will finish a book every two weeks depending on what is going in my life. When I do have time to read I usually stick with historical fiction. I can always depend on the works of Robyn Young or Bernard Cornwell for enjoyment.  Robyn Young is an up and coming author who has two trilogies out. One trilogy has to do with the Knights Templar and the other is based on Scotland’s Robert the Bruce. I have also been reading some of James Rollins’ Sigma Force novels that that mixes history with action and science. These novels are somewhat comparable to Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series which I also fancy.

I always will enjoy reading historical fiction but as of late I have been trying to get into the horror genre. I have read a good assortment of Stephen King’s books, which never get old, but recently I have a discovered a new author who definitely has the ability to keep me from getting any sleep. English author, Adam Nevill, wrote a book called The Ritual, which I kind of just randomly grabbed off the shelf. This novel could be seen as a thriller/horror. It is also safe to say that this was one of the more demented books I have read, but it definitely kept you interested and wanting to know what happened next. Anyways I am going to try to expand my reading more into this genre.

If I had to pick a genre that I do not prefer it would probably be romance. It’s funny because I do not think I have EVER read a romance novel. Obviously there has been a little romance in the books I have read but not enough to call it a ROMANCE novel. I am just used to picking up books that keep me intertwined with the story and I just do not see a romance novel having the capability of doing this for me. BUT I will give the genre a chance for this class as one of my Book Annotations so if anyone has any recommendations let me know! Maybe something with tragedy or suspense as a sub genre.

I have not read a whole lot of non-fiction but when I do it usually has to do with historical events or people. The last non-fiction book I read was Killing Jesus by Bill O’Reilly. I enjoyed it because it was informative and was told like a story. I also enjoy World War Two books. World War Two was probably the first historical subject that I fell in love with as a student. Anyways, I am pretty open when it comes to historical non-fiction and would read about anything.

Well that pretty much sums up my reading profile! Looking forward to diving into some new novels for this class! (Maybe not romance, but maybe I will surprise myself!)



This blog has been created for the S554 Adult Readers’ Advisory course. Welcome! To the left you will see my favorite trilogy by Robyn Young!